The TableSafe Rail

TableSafe provides a secure and elegant Pay at the Table payment platform designed specifically for full service restaurants that emulates and enhances the check delivery presentation and delivers multiple benefits to restaurants and their guests.



 The Many Benefits of the TableSafe Rail

Increased Revenue

The TableSafe platform allows staff to spend more time in their assigned section, instead of processing checks. The more time servers can spend in their section, the more opportunity they have to up-sell food and beverages and provide an enhanced experience.

TableSafe Protects Your Restaurant

Every transaction processed on the TableSafe platform is encrypted. You no longer have the risk associated with storing credit card numbers.

Saves You Money

With the TableSafe platform implemented at your restaurant you will save on expensive PCI audit fees, thermal paper, back of the house processes, and more!



EMV is coming!  Are you ready?  The time to prepare and plan for EMV acceptance is now. The TableSafe platform provides a comfortable and elegant experience for chip and PIN transactions.

Guest Engagement

With the elimination of back-and-forth trips to the point of sale to process transactions, servers will spend more time in their sections engaging with guests. An elevated dining experience creates higher guest satisfaction and return business.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

For the first time ever you will be able to capture actionable feedback from your guests! TheTableSafe platform consistently captures real-time feedback from over 75% of your guests!

Elegant Technology for Full Service Venues

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